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Indian Railways Live Train Running Status

What does live train running status mean?

Live train running status helps you find the accurate location of any train and its current status. It will give details like estimated arrival time of the train at any specific station on the way. While checking live train status you need to note two important things:
1. Last reported station – This denotes the station on the basis of which the current train running status is found out. It will let you know the arrival and departure of the train at specific stations.
2. ETA (estimated time of arrival) at forthcoming stations – ETA value conveys the anticipated time at which the train is supposed to reach any one of its approaching stations. This says the time, when the passenger at the upcoming station has to aboard the train.
Most of the live train status updates from a junction will reach you within 7 – 10 minutes of the train departing/arriving/crossing a stoppage. Live train running status updates are very much accurate when it arrives from the GPS of the tracking app users. In general, the train running status updates arrive in a delayed manner and the updates are often changing. As a passenger, you should check the train status updates every so often. If the train is nearing the estimated arrival time, then the live train running status will be more accurate.

What is NTES?

If you are a frequent train traveler, then you may be aware of NTES. NTES stands for National Train Enquiry System that provides details regarding the train running status such as departure of trains at every stopping, expected arrival time, train delay status, train schedule information, cancelled train details, diverted trains and platform number upon which the train arrives in general. In short, NTES helps you find the exact location of your train and all the relevant details about the train. You simply log in to the live tracking website and give in the destination location and it will fetch up and present you with all the details of train and its NTES live running status.

How can you check the live status of a train?

In order to track the live location of a train, you need to the listed below easy steps:
1. Log in to the website
2. Give in the five digit train number or name of the train in the first column
3. Select the date of travel in the second column
4. Once you entered all the details, click on “live status” option and get the train running status
5. The list will present you with the current train location
6. Right after that you will get to see estimated arrival time and estimated departure time at upcoming stations
7. It will also give details whether the train is on time or delayed or crossed any junctions
8. You can also fetch up details like the exact time and distance that is away from the present location of the train
9. It will give you the platform number at which the train comes
10. If you wish to look up for other train, simply hit the new search option and reset the older details
11. By using shortcut tab and entering train number, you can check the latest status too
12. Last but not least, impressively you can track the exact location of the train if you locate it on Google maps.

An illustration of train running status

So, you are travelling from Chennai to Madurai via Pandian Express. The train number is 12637. Just enter the train number 12637 or inscribe in Pandian Express in the first column. Once it is done, choose the date of the travel. For instance, the journey date is Feb 20, 2019 and then click “Live status”. The result displayed will give details like the train is located on any one of the en-route stoppages like Villupuram, Perambalur, Trichy, Dindigul etc. In addition, it will give details like the expected time of arrival to these stations. For example, 18:25 at Trichy, 20:10 at Dindigul. With the help of this, you will also get to know the halt time at these stations, Trichy 3 minutes, Dindigul 4 minutes. You can also check the late status of the train whether a train running on time or delayed.
You can even track the live distance between the stoppages and know precisely that Trichy junction is 190 kms away from Madurai junction as the train continues to move at a right pace. Besides these, the distance will also lessen and constantly be updated in real time. In addition, you will get to know the platform number upon which the train will come and so you don’t have to rush to the junction and ask other passengers for help. For example, you can easily understand the train will be in Egmore junction at platform 4 and Madurai junction at platform 1. Platform numbers are usually indicated against every single station and in addition with this, a route map will help you make tracks upon your travel and by this you will have a clear picture on what specific path the train is heading towards your destination.
This route map will also help you find locations and places nearby a specific junction and what areas are crossed by the train at present. Take for instance, you will be cognizant of the things like while travelling from Chennai to Madurai, you will have to cross Malaikkottai at Trichy and meenakshi Amman temple at the start of Madurai area. This information will be useful for you to have an informed travelling experience. If you are not delivered with the live train running status then it may be due to the following reasons:

1. You might have given an invalid or incorrect train number
2. Train may not be running on the given date and it is being enquired.

Under such circumstances, you are suggested to cautiously double check your train ticket and verify the train’s number and name. In case, if you have an E-ticket, there may be typos or printing errors that will lead to such a tragic situation.

Can a train be cancelled?

Yes, of course a train can be cancelled due to many reasons. But if a train is cancelled, the passengers will be notified in any common means and will get the amount refunded within 4 to 5 days. If the train is cancelled by the Indian railway, the above said things are applicable. If you intentionally cancel your train ticket, then you will have to pay a little sum alone. Given below are the important ways to know about the cancellation of train:

National Train Enquiry System by Indian railways

The official website owned by Indian railways will give you details regarding fully as well as partially cancelled trains. This is the most trusted way available to everyone in an easier fashion.

Following social pages of Indian railways

We are conversant of the fact that railways have utilized social media to a greater extent to interact with their passengers. In their Facebook pages and other social accounts, they declare the information regarding cancellation of trains or rescheduling of trains. You simply have to keep track of these accounts of varied zones of Indian railways on social media.

Cancellation of confirmed tickets and its new rules

If you have a confirmed ticket and wish to cancel it as you don’t want to undertake the journey, then you can cancel it before 48 hours to the scheduled departure of the train.
Class Cancellation charges
First class/executive class 240 INR
2 tier/first class 200 INR
AC 3 tier 180 INR
AC chair car 180 INR
AC 3 Economy 180 INR
Sleeper class 120 INR
Second class 60 INR
If you are cancelling a confirmed ticket within 48 hours and 12 hours before the departure of the train, then you are supposed to pay a cancellation charge of 25% of the total fare. It is also subjected to the minimum flat rate provided in the column given above. At the same time, if you are cancelling a confirmed ticket between 12 hours and very few hours before the departure of train, you will have to pay 50% of the total fare and it is subjected to the minimum cancellation charges.

In accordance with the IRCTC rules, E-tickets cannot be cancelled once the chart is prepared. Also, you will not get any refund amount on your confirmed ticket if you have not opted for cancellation process or not filed Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR) quite a few hours before the departure of train. Indian railways, at times, cancel trains due to some unavoidable reasons and in those cases, your E-tickets will be directed to automatic refund process. In such situations, you don’t need to file TDR. For reservations against cancellation tickets and wait-listed tickets, if you are cancelling it half an hour before the departure of train, you will get a refund but a deduction of clerkage charges. If you cancelled a second class ticket, the clerkage charge is 60 INR for one individual passenger. On the other hand, if the train is late by more than 3 hours of actual departure time, you won’t be levied any cancellation charges. If you have a confirmed, RAC and wait-listed tickets, then your total amount will be refunded in these cases and it is subjected to the terms and conditions that the ticket is handed over to the authority in advance to the actual departure of train.

Are Indian trains on-time and which are the best trains?

When you take Indian railways, around 70 % of trains run on time, while the remaining percentage of trains will reach a bit later. The reason behind that is, Indian railways will never compromise with the safety aspects and it is their main and ultimate focus. Listed below are some of the best Indian trains:

Rajdhani express

This is a fast-moving passenger train which connects New Delhi to the very important cities of India. These trains offer the passengers a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Advance booking of ticket is extremely important and you can book either online or offline. These trains have only limited stops and there will be no wastage of time anywhere else, so you can reach your destination soon.

Shatabdi express

This is one of the high speed trains that connect well to many important cities of the nation, when you travel through shatabdi express, you will get to see numerous tourist places and business centers. This train usually runs during the day time and tend to return back to the starting point on the same day.

Superfast expresses

Superfast expresses run at an average speed of 110 km/h and the tickets for such trains generally have added charges too.

Express Mails

Express Mails are the most common trains that you can see everywhere in India. When compared to superfast trains, these trains have much more stops, but tend to stop at important intermediate stoppages.

Passenger trains

These trains run at a speed of 40 – 80 km/h and tend to move slowly when compared to the super-fast counterparts.

Intercity expresses

These trains are intended to connect to important cities for shortest routes. These come in both Express speed and super fast category.

Duronto express

This is one of the important non-stop trains that was first started from Sealdah on 2009. This train covers a round trip from Sealdah to New Delhi and maintains an average speed of 88 km/h. one important thing to note, this is the third fastest train in our country.

About Indian railways

Indian Railways started its journey in 1853 under British Rule when steam engines where an admirable thing to the whole world and now Indian railways have earned a great name all over the world for operating world's first largest railway network and wide-ranging train services even to the remote areas. Indian railway is actually a huge network and it operates lots of busiest trains all over the nation and serves nearly eleven million passengers every day. The finest part about this is that Indian trains will easily reach the most remote corner of Indian nation while flights and buses cannot reach. One more important feature to add up here is, Indian rail tickets are extremely nominal so that you can book a first class or 2 Tier or 3 Tier luxury car for your entire family either online or offline. With the reduced rail tickets, anyone can relish in the luxury train travel by exploring various places. The rail fare for a whole family is equivalent to the fight ticket amount for a single passenger.

How does Live train running status work without Google maps?

Indain railways devised a system called Rail Radar that tracks the train traffic in real time for its passengers. This live-tracker app lets users keep a continuous monitoring on the movements of all Indian trains which are at present running in our nation. You can make use of this service with or without Google maps. In such service, data is represented in a tabular format with all the stoppages listed under one column and other column with expected arrival time, expected departure time, actual arrival time, actual departure time, total distance, remaining distance, delay if any etc.

How can you track live train running status on Google maps?

Rail Radar is actually an excellent option that provides passengers with the details on the whereabouts of all Indian trains. In fact, this is an advanced version of a tracking system named “spot your train”. Rail Radar is devised by incorporating many technological advancements and the opening page of this app will have the Indian map and give you the details about all running trains. On the right corner, you will find a display option that will show you the number of trains crossed at that particular point of time and the proportion of trains that run on time. Trains that run on time are exhibited in blue color and delayed trains are marked in red color. If you click on a specific train, it will show up the status and the travelling route of the train. So, if you wish to keep a track of your train’s movement, then go for Google maps using Rail Radar app and spot the locations wisely. Besides the many advantages, it is always good to stay conversant with all these things in advance and make right decisions as indicated by the recent updates and make most of it.

Indian Railway Introduction

Indian railway has a great background of history and broader network all over the nation. The management has introduced many systems for the benefits of business expansion in the earlier, but ultimately it proved to be a great boon for the citizens of the nation and they are acknowledging it with honor. Railways has introduced numerous services in recent times to please their passengers. Now as a passenger, you no longer have to visit the railway station for all your enquiries regarding your train travel. With technological progression these days, all the services are available online and you can track live train status too. You just need to spare a very few seconds to enter details and get to know it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I check train status?

A: First, you need to enter the train name or its number. After typing the train number or name click the check status below. The train name with the live train running status will be shown.

Q: How can I check my waiting list status?

A: You need to enter the PNR number and click the option give ‘check status’. After that, you will be informed if your tickets are confirmed or not. Or it is in the waiting list.

Q: What is NTES railway?

A: NTES is known as the National Train Enquiry System which offers the information of the train running status such as its arrival, departure of trains at every stopping train, information of train schedule, delay status of the train, canceled trains information, train diverted and the number of the platform at which train will stop.

Q: Can I travel with a RAC ticket?

A: RAC status is that you are entitled to the train half seat. But RAC tickets get confirmed on the preparation of chart when the full seat is booked. Please never board the train in any of the situations if you have the waiting list.

Q: How can I check if my train is rescheduled?

A: Now click on the details of the train and check the rescheduled trains. First, select the date when you will check the list of all rescheduled trains and then search it.

Q: How do I get train ticket text?

A: Click on my account at the top right corner. After that just click on the transaction and then click on the history of the train. After that, you will get all the history. Just choose the tickets which you wish to get the ticket text.

Q: How can I check my train live status by SMS?

A: For the status inquiry of the ticket – SMS the PNR of ten digits. For the inquiry of arrival or departure of the train – SMS the train number with STD code of station with the accommodation availability with time table and schedule.

Q: How can I check my railway ticket confirmation?

A: You just need to enter your PNR number and then check out the PNR status of your ticket. You will see the PNR number on the top left number of the ticket of the train which can be printed on the top half of the page.

Q: How can I print my train ticket?

A: First, you need to log in and then go to the booking history and enter the PNR number. Then just go to the booking history and choose the PNR. There will be the option of a print ticket.

Q: How can I cancel railway ticket by SMS?

A: You can cancel your tickets by sending SMS with PNR number and the number of the train to 139. You will get an OTP number by entering it, you can cancel it.
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