54784 Running Status - Live Train Running Status of Re Fka Passe

54784 Live Train Running Status (Re Fka Passe)

Start Date (29-03-20)

The train runs from Rewari to Fazilka and the train number is 54784. This train is named as Re Fka Passe and it departs from Rewari sharply at 04:40AM and arrives Fazilka at Destination. Train passes through 60 stations including Kishengarh Blws, Nangal Pathani Halt, Sudharana.

Re Fka Passe Train Cocah Position


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Station Name / Code Schedule Arrival Schedule Departure Actual Arrival Actual Departure Delay In Arrival Delay In Departure Day
Rewari (RE) Source 04:40AM Source 04:40AM - 00 M 0
Kishengarh Blws (KGBS) 04:51AM 04:52AM 04:51AM 04:52AM 00 M 00 M 0
Jatusana (JTS) 05:02AM 05:03AM 05:02AM 05:03AM 00 M 00 M 0
Nangal Pathani Halt (NLQ) 05:09AM 05:10AM 05:09AM 05:10AM 00 M 00 M 0
Kosli (KSI) 05:16AM 05:18AM 05:16AM 05:18AM 00 M 00 M 0
Sudharana (SDRA) 05:26AM 05:27AM 05:26AM 05:27AM 00 M 00 M 0
Jharili (JRL) 05:36AM 05:37AM 05:36AM 05:37AM 00 M 00 M 0
Patuwas Mehrana (PUW) 05:45AM 05:46AM 05:45AM 05:46AM 00 M 00 M 0
Charkhi Dadri (CKD) 05:53AM 05:55AM 05:53AM 05:55AM 00 M 00 M 0
Fatehgarh Hryna (FGH) 06:05AM 06:06AM 06:05AM 06:06AM 00 M 00 M 0
Manheru (MHU) 06:14AM 06:15AM 06:14AM 06:15AM 00 M 00 M 0
Dhana Ladanpur (DZL) 06:23AM 06:24AM 06:23AM 06:24AM 00 M 00 M 0
Bhiwani (BNW) 06:35AM 06:40AM 06:35AM 06:40AM 00 M 00 M 0
Sui (SUI) 06:48AM 06:49AM 06:48AM 06:49AM 00 M 00 M 0
Bawani Khera (BWK) 06:57AM 06:59AM 06:57AM 06:59AM 00 M 00 M 0
Jitakheri (JKZ) 07:11AM 07:13AM 07:11AM 07:13AM 00 M 00 M 0
Aurang Nagar (AUN) 07:23AM 07:24AM 07:23AM 07:24AM 00 M 00 M 0
Hansi (HNS) 07:31AM 07:33AM 07:31AM 07:33AM 00 M 00 M 0
Mayar (MAYR) 07:43AM 07:44AM 07:43AM 07:44AM 00 M 00 M 0
Satrod (STD) 07:49AM 07:51AM 07:49AM 07:51AM 00 M 00 M 0
Hisar (HSR) 08:10AM 08:20AM 08:10AM 08:20AM 00 M 00 M 0
Nyoli Kalan (NKN) 08:29AM 08:30AM 08:29AM 08:30AM 00 M 00 M 0
Jakhodlkhera (JKHI) 08:36AM 08:38AM 08:36AM 08:38AM 00 M 00 M 0
Mandi Adampur (ADR) 08:50AM 08:52AM 08:50AM 08:52AM 00 M 00 M 0
Khabra Kalan (KBKN) 09:03AM 09:04AM 09:03AM 09:04AM 00 M 00 M 0
Bhattu (BHT) 09:10AM 09:12AM 09:10AM 09:12AM 00 M 00 M 0
Mehuwala Halt (MHUL) 09:19AM 09:20AM 09:19AM 09:20AM 00 M 00 M 0
Ding (DING) 09:27AM 09:29AM 09:27AM 09:29AM 00 M 00 M 0
Jodhka (JOK) 09:37AM 09:38AM 09:37AM 09:38AM 00 M 00 M 0
Suchan Kotli (SHN) 09:43AM 09:44AM 09:43AM 09:44AM 00 M 00 M 0
Bajekan (BJKN) 09:54AM 09:55AM 09:54AM 09:55AM 00 M 00 M 0
Sirsa (SSA) 10:20AM 10:25AM 10:20AM 10:25AM 00 M 00 M 0
Bara Gudah (BGD) 10:38AM 10:40AM 10:38AM 10:40AM 00 M 00 M 0
Sukhchain (SCV) 10:49AM 10:50AM 10:49AM 10:50AM 00 M 00 M 0
Kalanwali (KNL) 10:58AM 11:00AM 10:58AM 11:00AM 00 M 00 M 0
Ratangrh Knkwal (RKK) 11:08AM 11:10AM 11:08AM 11:10AM 00 M 00 M 0
Raman (RMN) 11:18AM 11:20AM 11:18AM 11:20AM 00 M 00 M 0
Bangi Nihalsngh (BNLS) 11:28AM 11:29AM 11:28AM 11:29AM 00 M 00 M 0
Manwala Kot Bak (MKBH) 11:34AM 11:35AM 11:34AM 11:35AM 00 M 00 M 0
Shergarh (SGA) 11:40AM 11:41AM 11:40AM 11:41AM 00 M 00 M 0
Gahri Bhagi (GHB) 11:48AM 11:49AM 11:48AM 11:49AM 00 M 00 M 0
Bhatinda (BTI) 12:35PM 01:05PM 12:35PM 01:05PM 00 M 00 M 0
Goneana (GNA) 01:17PM 01:18PM 01:17PM 01:18PM 00 M 00 M 0
Chand Bhan (CBX) 01:27PM 01:28PM 01:27PM 01:28PM 00 M 00 M 0
Gangsar Jaitu (GJUT) 01:35PM 01:37PM 01:35PM 01:37PM 00 M 00 M 0
Ajitgill Matta (AJTM) 01:43PM 01:44PM 01:43PM 01:44PM 00 M 00 M 0
Rmna Albel Sngh (RLS) 01:49PM 01:50PM 01:49PM 01:50PM 00 M 00 M 0
Kot Kapura (KKP) 02:03PM 02:05PM 02:03PM 02:05PM 00 M 00 M 0
Wanderjatana (WDJ) 02:14PM 02:15PM 02:14PM 02:15PM 00 M 00 M 0
Bariwala (BRW) 02:24PM 02:26PM 02:24PM 02:26PM 00 M 00 M 0
Jhabelwali (JBW) 02:34PM 02:35PM 02:34PM 02:35PM 00 M 00 M 0
Charawan (CWN) 02:39PM 02:40PM 02:39PM 02:40PM 00 M 00 M 0
Muktsar (MKS) 02:47PM 02:49PM 02:47PM 02:49PM 00 M 00 M 0
Badhai Balamgrh (BDBG) 02:59PM 03:00PM 02:59PM 03:00PM 00 M 00 M 0
Bhagsar (BSGR) 03:05PM 03:06PM 03:05PM 03:06PM 00 M 00 M 0
Lakhewali (LKW) 03:12PM 03:14PM 03:12PM 03:14PM 00 M 00 M 0
Roranwala (RRW) 03:24PM 03:25PM 03:24PM 03:25PM 00 M 00 M 0
Chak Pakhhewala (CKA) 03:34PM 03:35PM 03:34PM 03:35PM 00 M 00 M 0
Chak Banwala (CKLA) 03:42PM 03:43PM 03:42PM 03:43PM 00 M 00 M 0
Fazilka (FKA) 04:05PM Destination 04:05PM Destination 00 M - 0

Last Updated: At Mar, 29, 2020 08:52 PM

Check the running status of train 54784

If you would like to check live running status of 54784/Re Fka Passe simply use above form and fetch up the details of your train like its origin station, its departure time, current location and when was it arrived and when will it leave the current place, destination point and arrival time to the destination station, delay if any etc.

54784 (Re Fka Passe) pass following stations

Rewari , Kishengarh Blws , Jatusana , Nangal Pathani Halt , Kosli , Sudharana , Jharili , Patuwas Mehrana , Charkhi Dadri , Fatehgarh Hryna , Manheru , Dhana Ladanpur , Bhiwani , Sui , Bawani Khera , Jitakheri , Aurang Nagar , Hansi , Mayar , Satrod , Hisar , Nyoli Kalan , Jakhodlkhera , Mandi Adampur , Khabra Kalan , Bhattu , Mehuwala Halt , Ding , Jodhka , Suchan Kotli , Bajekan , Sirsa , Bara Gudah , Sukhchain , Kalanwali , Ratangrh Knkwal , Raman , Bangi Nihalsngh , Manwala Kot Bak , Shergarh , Gahri Bhagi , Bhatinda , Goneana , Chand Bhan , Gangsar Jaitu , Ajitgill Matta , Rmna Albel Sngh , Kot Kapura , Wanderjatana , Bariwala , Jhabelwali , Charawan , Muktsar , Badhai Balamgrh , Bhagsar , Lakhewali , Roranwala , Chak Pakhhewala , Chak Banwala and Fazilka

FAQ's about 54784 Train (Re Fka Passe)

Q: Can you check train running status online?

A. Yes, one can easily check train status of IRCTC of any Indian railway by clicking on the link LiveTrainStatus.co.in. The link can also be used to check any Indian train live location or status. The link is the quickest way to know the real-time status of any train under Indian Railway. In order to find the current location or live status of the train, one has to visits the site and then enter the train number or name of the train. The live status of a train can be tracked by entering the first three letters or digits. Additionally, an Indian railway train status can also be found by visiting the enquiry counter that is located at every railway station in India.

Q: Check 54784 train running status through message?

A. Train status can also be checked through messages. Send an SMS to 139 as AD (54784) to get information on train status.

Q: Call to check 54784 train running status

A. 12219 Train status can also be checked via phone call. To get real time information call 139 – IRCTC enquiry number.

Q: Meanings of heading under live train running status

A. Usually, many of us find it difficult to understand live train status headings. Hence, we have shared the meanings of these headings for easy understanding.

  1. 1. S.NO: the abbreviation stands for a serial number. It refers to the serial number of the railway station where the train stops.
  2. 2. Station name and code: when you come across this heading it means name and code of the railway station that the train stops.
  3. 3. Scheduled arrival time: the time at which the train was scheduled to arrive at the station
  4. 4. Scheduled departure time: the time at which the train was scheduled to leave the station.
  5. 5. Actual arrival time: this means the time at which any given train arrives or arrived at a station.
  6. 6. Actual departure time: the time at which the train arrived at a given station
  7. 7. Delay In Arrival: it indicates if the train is late in arrival duration of time
  8. 8. Delay In Departure: it indicates if the train is late in depart duration of time
  9. 9. Day: the days of travel by the train

Q: When do I receive error or please try later message?

A. The reason for receiving the above message when enquired about a train status is because the number you entered is incorrect or invalid. Also because the train number enquired is not running on that date or the railway server is overloaded and down.

Q: Can you use map to track train status?

A. The simplest way to track the current or exact location of the train is through map. The pointer on the map will indicate the name of the railway station, arrival time, departure time, Enroute days and the distance from the original station.

Q: Explaining train running status with an example

A. It is very easy to track the train status. For example, if you are travelling from Rewari Jn. to Fazilka Jn. by Re Fka Passe number 54784. Enter the train number or the name of the train in the given box by clicking on the link mentioned earlier in the article. Later select the date on which you will be boarding the train and click submit. Once you click submit button the site will display information on the train including the route it takes and stations that the train crosses. The information includes the expected time for train (ex. 15:02) arrival, expected departure time (EX.15:20) and half time (ex: 18 minutes). You can also use the site to get information on know whether the train will be late against every station. The distance of the train from Rewari Jn. can also be checked on the site. The information given in the site will include the platform number at which the train will be arriving in the station and the route that the train will be taking to reach the destination. The map is very friendly and can help in detecting the places that the train will be crossing and places near each station.

Q: Role of GPS in tracking train status

A. The train status is tracked by using advance technology. The status of the train will be tracked with the help of GPS and navigation system that provides real-time location of the train. The GPS stands for Global positioning system. It is a navigation system that provides information on geo - location and time to GPS receiver located anywhere in the world. GPS is an independent system and operates without any telephone or internet connection. It doesn’t require the user to transmit any data.