Where Is My Train App

Where is my train is a very efficient and unique application for train travelers on a routine basis which shows the live status of all the trains with its updated changes? This even works in the offline mode, internet mode or via GPS. It has all the features available like alarms of destinations or speedometer which is now known as the top rated application of travel across our country India.

Where is my train is for the passengers of the train as well as for those who just wish to book seats, check the PNR status, check the live spot of the train, etc? Thus, this has offered everyone with the fine train application through which we can track the status of train live which is not only limited to this feature. This is the main feature we can consider. But there are many other features in it which everyone needs it and hence they need to download other train application. All features are avail in this one.

While installation of ‘where is my train’ application, the exact spot of the train can be tracked with the live or delay status of the train timing. The timing of the train at its arrival and departure is also shown with the number of the platform on a particular station.

Features of where are my train application

They have started this app namely ‘where is my train’ is now quite effective and easy applications for passengers where you can get live status of the train with its updated schedules from the Indian railways. In this situation, it is best for the application. Where is my train application is having many features which are below –

Getting offline schedules of train

The time schedule of the complete railway station is now offline available. You just require to enter the train name or the number. Or you can also search from the two stations stops.

Live to spot of train

This is just the best features of this application of where is my train. With this, you can know the live train status of any of the train anywhere and any time. There is no other requirement of GPS or internet in this during the traveling of the location which is then recognized via information available on the cell tower. It is easy for sharing the current location of your train with family and friends as well as there is a feature of share in it.

Data on the number of platform or arrangement order of coaches

Prior to departing the train, the data on the position of coaches with its number of the platform on every stop is avail to you on this where is my train app. In some situation, the number of a platform for departing or arrival with its intermediate between station are also available.

Status of PNR

When you wish to know the latest status of PNR, then you need to the PNR number in the where is my train application or this app can automatically scan the IRCTC number from your mobile phone. If there is any modification in the status of PNR and schedules of the train then the automatic alerts will be availed to you.

Seats and fares availability

This application is used in checking the seat and fares details for the particular train.

With all these features, this application is now been the most popular and top-rated app in India for finding out the train. This searching of my train application is used for getting an answer to your common question like where is my train always pops up to the passengers inside the train.

Why where is my train app is the highest rated train app?

As everyone wishes to save the storage of smartphones for many purposes and also wants all application in it. Thus, where is my train app is avail to all devices with less storage space with all the features needed while traveling or checking the seats, etc. are available in this app by both online as well as offline and via GPS also. This is the main reason this app has become the favorite one for all users and the highest rated train app.

What is updated in where is my train 6.1.2 version?

As per the updated version, this app was updated in April 2019 with its latest version of where is my train 6.1.2. There are some updates they had done in this version –

  • Necessary and essential fixed errors for all lollipop devices
  • Automatic extraction of PNR from the SMS services of the phone is removed where you now only need to share the PNR status to where is my train for arranging and checking tickets details.
  • Invalid numbers of platforms cannot be entered in the customer
  • PNR generated from SMS also is improved the running MIUI
  • You can also give feedback on their platform for helping the other passengers.
  • Error fixing on cell tower modes and alarm
  • Better UI of the homepage for best usage
  • Latest and updated schedules

What is new in Where is my train application?

The new feature added in where is my train is that you do not need to enter the PNR in the app if you have the IRCTC SMS with you in your phone. It automatically detects it and keeps you updated with all modifications done in the status of PNR or the timing of train. If you do not have the SMS then too you can check the PNR status by just entering the number of PNR. Thus, every feature is now available in this where is my train app. There is nothing which you need to look out and download other apps.

It also saves your storage as it is a very small storage application which is used offline, online and via GPS. GPS is used by the passengers inside the train offline. And for checking the status of a train outside then you are given internet mode.

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